All Pro Promotions and Marketing, Inc. has a dynamic team of experts in brand, entertainment, lifestyle, multicultural and experiential marketing who are “ALL PRO”…engaging customers in effective and interactive ways that give our client brand a dominating and passionate position in the customers soul and minds.   As true “Pro’s” in the industry All Pro Promotions and Marketing, Inc., our goal is to bring High Intense Excitement and fun to every event as well as educate consumers on your brands, build brand loyalty, create memorable experiences and drive sales. Our founder is a true believer that our actions should speak volumes. 

We pride ourselves on establishing an outstanding reputation for quality, professionalism and integrity.  With that said, our elite models are handpicked personally by our President.   Our models display a true reflection of our clients and their brands.  This well-rounded team of women and men are not only beautiful but professional, driven, knowledgeable and share a sincere passion and loyalty for all of our brands.  Our models are fully trained and true experts of the brands we represent.   All Pro Models exude a confidence that is unmatched by other teams in the market and therefore have a proven track record of unprecedented commitment. 

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